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If you are interested in life-long learning, the things that bring vitality into your  life, and in understanding technological innovation,  this blog is for you.  This trio  gives me life.


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As a Grown Folk Mary J Blige Serves Up The London Sessions

I joined the hard-core Mary J Blige fan club in with the release of her sophomore album, 411, in 1992 and I have followed her career since them. She always delivers that special blend of fragility and strength in mega-doses. Even today as a blooming boomer, I can get in my … [Read More...]

Support Personal Health with A Timely Medical Enrollment Decision

This is to advise that although I received compensation for this post, the opinions contained within are my own. o   As I've aged, I have become increasingly concerned about maintaining my health and vitality. I pay attention to what I eat, my level of physical … [Read More...]

The Idea of Parent and Child Roles Changing is Affirming

I'm pleased to partner with Midlife Boulevard to bring you this important public service information about National Family Caregivers Month. When you are young, you never think about getting older.  Just last night I was talking to one of my first cousins who is 76 years … [Read More...]

Changing Roles Celebrated During National Caregiver’s Month

#caregivers #aarp

This short video brought tears to my eyes to see changing roles celebrated. As a young woman, I always wanted to be the one who took care of my mother in her time of need because of the love and support she gave me growing up. It did not quite turn out that way and the … [Read More...]

How Not To Lose Blog Content Like Me

#ship has sailed #cpanel

  I have lost 2 years of blog posts.  A few weeks ago, I made a switch between website providers. Content was to be migrated. But in that process, all of my blog posts that were supposed to be migrated from the old provider to the new provide did not make it back. … [Read More...]

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