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5 Must Remember Travel Items To Make Each Trip Memorable

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I do move around the world. Most recently I tried to outrun the east coast cold weather and headed west in early December. It's almost time to return but temperatures continue to remain below freezing and it's almost March. Seems that this year winter did not come in full … [Read More...]

Planning a Trip to Playa Mujeres:Travel Tips For Top Hotels on this Slice of the Yucatan Peninsula

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 Photo by Miguel Vasquez via Trover.com   It's virtually impossible to settle into a true vacation mindset until after you decide where you are staying. On this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, whether … [Read More...]

Travel to Miami: How to Identify Cheap Ground Transportation Into Miami

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Photo by Michael Boro via Trover Miami International Airport is the gateway to South America, with over 80 airlines flying to 150 countries across the globe. Everyone loves a direct flight. But if you could save a significant amount per ticket, would you consider flying … [Read More...]

Atul Gawande’s Book Being Mortal Says Hope is Not a Plan.Tomorrow on PBS

Several weeks ago I was listening to NPR and heard Atul Gawande being interviewed about his new book, Being Mortal, about modern medicine. We are all guilty of complaining about modern medicine, how doctors no longer touch us when examining us; and how the billing for … [Read More...]

Cities Less Traveled: Four Foodie Destinations: Where the Locals Eat in Miami Beach

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Miami Beach ranks high as a favorite getaway city not just because of its nightlife but because it is a foodie town. Partially this is due to the large number of food-preneurs and kitchen incubators that support the city's food creatives. But it's common knowledge that you … [Read More...]