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Random Acts of Kindness Highlight the #BeKindtoCaregivers Initiative

Sometimes what we need most is simply for someone to not just look but to also see us. I am not actively engaged in caregiving right now.  But I have more friends that I can count on my fingers who are. It's National Family Caregivers month. To support the Caregiver … [Read More...]

Group Travel Is Not For Everyone

#beautiful girls in India # school girls

While in India, I was chatting with my son via WhatApps, you know just checking in with him for the day. As I shared how things were going with me traveling with 21 other people, I realized  there was a morsel I'd shared with him that is worth sharing with you. That nugget … [Read More...]

Conversation With Amy Goyer: Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving

Did you know that Amy Goyer recently published a new book, "Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving." Many of you know her as a well respected expert in aging and families, specializing in family caregiving and multigenerational issues. Others may know her from AARP. She is a … [Read More...]

Can I Do Good And Still Make Money: Trade vs Charity

#Janet Nkubana #patricia a. Patton

Charity is what comes to mind when I think of helping others. My life experience reinforced this belief with images of children with bloated bellies, requests for Church Building Funds ad infinitum; the annual sale of Girls' Scout cookies for a cause that was not clear; and … [Read More...]

How Can A Trade Not Aid Basket Be The Path To Peace

#rwanda weavers

In 1997 I was flying from Bamako, Mali to Accra, Ghana when I heard that the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu, had been killed when his plane was shot down. I did not have a clue about the history of the Hutus and Tutsis at the time. News from this part of the … [Read More...]