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Changing Roles Celebrated During National Caregiver’s Month

#caregivers #aarp

This short video brought tears to my eyes to see changing roles celebrated. As a young woman, I always wanted to be the one who took care of my mother in her time of need because of the love and support she gave me growing up. It did not quite turn out that way and the … [Read More...]

How Not To Lose Blog Content Like Me

#ship has sailed #cpanel

  I have lost 2 years of blog posts.  A few weeks ago, I made a switch between website providers. Content was to be migrated. But in that process, all of my blog posts that were supposed to be migrated from the old provider to the new provide did not make it back. … [Read More...]

Move Stuff Out of the Way: Walk Away From What Does Not Serve You

#move stuff #harriette cole

In order to be an effective leader you must know how to move stuff out of the way.  In a Master Class led by Harriette Cole at BeBlogalicious6, she shared this slide.  It stuck with me and is definitely worth sharing. Walk Away from what does not serve you. … [Read More...]

Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden Joins Important African American Gardens

#fresh zucchini #Charles Madison Nabrit memorial garden

Every African American garden teaches a different lesson. But for me a garden says more about the faith of the gardener than the yield of the garden. The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden in Columbus, Ohio  is one of the most recent gardens to join the list of important … [Read More...]

Best Travel and Food Movie: 100 Foot Journey Opening Friday August 8

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  While at Blogher 14, I attended a private screening of the movie,"The 100 Foot Journey."  I'd  read and loved this book by Richard C . Morais back in 2010.  It is a story about two things I love dearly--- travel and good food.  So imagine how thrilled I was to … [Read More...]