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If I Am A Part of a Global Experience What Is My Purpose

#Dr. Marta Moreno Vega

I was thrilled to read this interview with Dr. Marta Morena Vega whose career spans work in New York city and in communities around the world. When asked if the term Afro-Boricua appropriately described her,  she replied "...It depends on your audience and the politics of … [Read More...]

What Will You Do If No One Says It’s Your Turn?

#Dream Yourself Awake #DYA Retreat

Are you going to just sit there even though you know it's your turn? Usually when we say, it's your turn," we mean that it's your turn to be picked, to be the next one, the person who fits in more than any other. The next pop star on the cover of Seventeen, (Huffington … [Read More...]

Narrative Network Comes Onboard as Dream Yourself Awake Retreat Sponsor

#Dream Yourself Awake #Narrative Network

Those of you who "make" things recognize creativity as part of what you breathe each day and you understand the value of support. I can honestly say that as I have worked on this life-changing project, sometimes my eye was turned toward all that is shiny and the big. … [Read More...]

How Will You Be Awakened

#dream yourself awake #retreat

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Why Doesn’t Your Life Match Your Dreams and Wishes

I awakened this morning and the idea of "saving face" occurred to me. You all know I am working on a project that means a lot to me. According to GoAsia,  "The abstract concept of "face" can be described as a combination of social standing, reputation, influence, dignity, … [Read More...]