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Did You Know You Could Save If You Understood The Prescription Drug Coverage Portion of Your Insurance

Are you focused on getting the care you need for the insurance premiums you are paying. Some years ago I actively paid attention to investing in my 401K  and I used to watch Louis Rukeyser for help. These televised investment programs were among my only source of investment … [Read More...]

If You Can’t Find A Way, Then Make One

#Main Street Martha's Vineyard

How many times have you heard someone say, "Whatever you think you are is what you will be?"  My guess is more times than you can probably remember. This morning I was thinking about this piece of wisdom and trying to remember specific instances where my life experience has … [Read More...]

When the Best Dreams Scare You Good Things Happen

#dreams #rev. michael beckwith

My regular exploits in dreaming evaporated once I became a mother. At that time I chose self-reliance as my lifestyle. It’s not that I hadn’t always been an independent woman, because I had actually really lived a dream life--- what for some would be a complete life by that … [Read More...]

What’s Next And Who is Going To Tell Your Story

#power meme #I prefer freedom

Photo credit Jennifer Reilson via trover.com   I had a disagreement, well  I almost got into one with a girlfriend that I love this morning about her resistance/reluctance/disinterest in getting involved with digital media. For me, it is clear that things are … [Read More...]

Influential Black Boomer Bloggers You Should Know

#black boomer bloggers #

If you even partially agree that a broad spectrum of opinions should be considered when trying to understand the perspectives of others, then maybe you'll also be interested in this  list of black boomer bloggers. Are there differences in our perspectives from what the … [Read More...]