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Best Resources For Saving For My Sunny Day

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Weddings are a joy. In fact, by the day the actual wedding takes place, time has already begun to stand still. Hope and optimism are in charge. But the days leading up to the wedding can be extremely stressful with so many moving parts. Worst of all is the stress … [Read More...]

Preventative Health Services Cut For Baby Boomers

As you approach your sixties and the possibility of Medicaid becoming your primary insurance carrier, you may be surprised to notice that your doctor no longer orders standard preventative exams that had been customary to your health plan. I asked why a colonoscopy, for … [Read More...]

What Is Calling You And How Do You Plan To Get It

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When was the last time you took concentrated time to plan your next move? I am not referring to the time you spent in the car or on the bus thinking about what you should do to get that vacation in place. I mean when was the last time you "focused" on developing a strategy … [Read More...]

When the Lion Tells the Story, You Win

State Beach 2013

You wouldn’t think that my generation of women who were early to embrace personal freedom would become radio silent about our personal challenges now that it is later in our lives. But I think it has happened. Some of us did marry our childhood sweethearts. But many of us … [Read More...]

We Are All Now Media. So Amplify

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I was reading Chookooloonks this morning and was reminded by her comment that in the wake of the most recent terrorist act at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston," we are now all media." Many of us are trying to find something meaningful to do with our emotions. But this one … [Read More...]