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On Becoming Meaningful

#on becoming meaningful #just thinking

  I was just thinking, would the world miss me if I were gone? Have you ever thought about this question? I have thought about this question more than once. Just this morning I listened to a podcast in which Seth Godin argued that if we take a hard look at the … [Read More...]

May Your Dreams Be Fulfilled

#Season greeting #Holiday Greeting

  I am grateful to have had the chance to interact with you in 2015. Who would have thought I could learn so much from so many of you that I have yet to meet in real life. Here's wishing you love, health and understanding. May your dreams … [Read More...]

Does Will Smith Movie ‘Concussion’ Suggest Your Child Should Not Play Football

This piece was originally published by Ruth Curran on on December 17th. I, more than most, appreciate how devastating a “concussion” can be – I lived through one and that experience is something that I recommend … [Read More...]

In a World That Has Gone Mad, #WhatDoItellMySon

Cross-post from She Knows Media It's impossible not to be affected by the things that are going on in the world even if you feel there is no place for them. Black Lives Matter has certainly made me rethink many of the things I feel deeply about. One of them is the … [Read More...]

A Tale of Lyme Disease – What You Need To Know


Okay breathe. Here is yet another thing to be concerned about. When Yolanda Foster of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed that not only does she suffer from Lyme disease, but two of her children have had a brush with Lyme disease, celebrity-watchers gasped. Okay I … [Read More...]