Life is about the questions you ask


This is an unfinished conversation with myself 

 In 2010 I went into the blogosphere with a different intensity.  I began to ask myself questions that required to change  and to act on what I said I believed. It’s not like I didn’t have a clue. But I did not know how to do that in the  am starting over but from a blessed position. For it was not until we got power 5 days after the storm that I saw a television and realized  just how badly the Jersey Shore got hit.  And yesterday I drove south along the shoreline and it took my breath away.  I am told, north of Long Branch the sand from the ocean sits where houses used to be. It will be some time for the shore to recover.  I am thinking there will be a new normal just as there is a new normal since 2008 even though people pine for the good old days.. I was introduced to the mindshare of Seth Godin.

PSFK hosted a  breakfast for Seth Godin  for the publication of Linchpin.  I purchased what for me was an expensive ticket even though I had not read Seth’s work at the time. I knew that PSFK had a reputation of being the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration for creative people.  I identified with this brand and wanted to be in this mix. Make no mistake,  I learned about this event as a result of ummm, lurking. And it’ s only in writing this post that I learned I was living proof of  Jakob Nielsen’s community participation rule that says  ninety percent  are lurkers, nine percent contribute just a little bit and one percent generate most of the noise.  My inner critic  questioned whether I would be able to measure tangible returns in my blogging life for the money  I  was investing in this breakfast.  I can tell you only that this event marked a departure  in my growth in that it was the beginning of me investing in me.

But I was moved beyond lurking by Seth’s message: to be encouraged to “SHIP,” to not be afraid to fail, to get it out of our heads and out the door.  He demonstrated his brand  for we were able to witness a Linchpin in action as he interacted with us.

I wanted to be a good Linchpin. So I went out into the world of new media and floundered a bit. Then today Seth Godin’s offered a post that synthesized the growth of football and it reminded me  that in new media “Our job as marketers and leaders is to create vibrant pockets, not to hunt for mass. …The new media giants of our age (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) don’t point everyone to one bit of content, don’t trade in mass. Instead, they splinter, connecting many to many, not many to one.”
Let me share his piece with you.



Photo Credit by herramientasparapymes

Why the road to becoming a DIY expert is bringing me down

I had the preconceived idea that once I bought a WordPress theme I’d be able to download it and start inputting information. I would not need anyone but my own writing skills to take the NEXT STEP. But that has NOT been my experience.

I was totally into Do-It-Yourself website creation by the novice. I took a class through Fresh Workshops And I hoped the experience would improve my communication with the real people who would ultimately design and configure my site.

But that was October 2010. It is now the end of March 2011. The site is still, what can I say .... in a beta stage. I am now working with the third consultant to try to get this site up and running. And today I cannot move forward.

Here's my life lesson: The road to becoming an expert, which is what the site claims one can expect, has been time consuming, costly and so far disappointing. Blogger was limiting but not knowing how to use wordpress is also limiting. But in spite of me losing faith in my ability to be a true DIY-er I accept it as a small challenge I have got to get through.

I will try again tomorrow.

Are Do-it-yourself offers drawing you in? Do they keep you coming back for more? Do they deliver on their promise? What do they do for you?


Food and Change

Whenever I am faced with change I find that food can be an excellent barometer to how well I am doing. What I put in my mouth is generally a great indicator of how in tune I am with my my purpose. In no way am I a purist. But really, when I am “on purpose” my eating habits are also in line. So what does food have to do with it?

Let me share a recipe that comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, “I am Grateful,” by Terces Engelhart. It is filled with organic, living food recipes. I use these recipes as a point of meditation when preparing my meals and as a source of delicious nutrition. The cookbook reminds me of the absolute place in life for gratitude, the need to trust one’s inner knowing but more importantly, the need to act on that knowing when addressing change. Take this simple recipe on page 46:

Citrus Garlic Dressing
1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup lemon oil
1/4 cup orange juice
2 teaspoons chopped garlic
1 teaspoon salt
Zest of 1/2 orange

The instructions say “taste the dressing for its flavor.” As in life, the recipe is so straight-forward yet so complex. So on a day like today as I think about how I am moving through Twenty Eleven, I acknowledge and welcome change. Let’s build a community of sharing creatives to help each other grow. Let’s help each other cling to our highest intentions.

What have you found that works when you handle change consciously?