Insurance Covers 5 Sexual Health Procedures for Boomer Men

I was unaware that insurance companies cover 5 health procedures for men that mostly deal with their sexual health and their ability to engage in free sex.  But the way insurance companies approach women’s sexual health is completely different.   In fact in the wake of the administration’s recent concession to opposition the church will not be required to provide contraceptives free of charge to women. I do not believe there has been any conversation addressing this disparity in coverage  between men and women by the men in the halls of Congress.

Really I cannot conceive of a public discussion where men in suits debate whether the public’s taxes should cover erectile dysfunction in the same way that discussions taken place about a woman’s right to decide about her own body.  Men simply do not talk about any form of personal inadequacy.  Yet epidemiologic studies show that more than one third of them will complain of problems with penile erection and seek medical help.

In 2004, a large international study  of over 27,000 men found that between 16-22% currently had ED. Further, only 58% ever consulted their doctor and only 16% ever tried oral therapy.  So imagine my surprise when I learned of the list of problems for which coverage is available to men.

They include:

1. Erectile dysfunction drugs -Viagra or Cialis pills

2. Vacuum erection devices- if pills do not work

3. Penile implants – if neither the pill nor device works

4. Vasectomies – often recommended  if the ED results from either a side effect of surgery or is the result of a disease

5. Circumcision-this is not “considered”  medically necessary yet it is covered for newborns.

The successful outcome of undergoing any one of these procedures is to permit a man the ability to engage in free sex.   This was ostensibly what the Republican outrage was about in their opposition to birth control for women.  Clearly there is clear imbalance in the approach to this problem for men and women.  Women must unzip their lips. I am just saying.

I am not trying to start an insurrection. It came to my attention in writing somewhere else. This is just one of those days that I am playing tit for tat.  Did you know this?What are your thoughts? I am curious.

More Baby Boomers expected to die of Hep-C

Yesterday I was working on a piece I thought you would be interested in knowing about.  It’s a scary headline but I wanted to get your attention. The Center for Disease Control recently released data indicating deaths of Baby Boomers were on the rise as a result of Hepatitis C.

This is a blood borne disease generally transmitted either as a result of drug use and unclean needles or contaminated blood during a blood transfusion.  I can remember how cheated I felt for Arthur Ashe when he contracted HIV-Aids from a blood transfusion.  I didn’t think that hospitals made you sick back then.

Here’s the bottom line.  Or maybe I should say here is what epidemiologists are saying now.  One in thirty three baby boomers is living with Hepatitis C and does not know it.   Hepatitis C is a silent disease that takes a few decades to manifest its symptons which is why most who are suffering from the disease do not know it.

If you happened to have had a blood transfusion before 1992 ask your doctor to run a blood test.  There are two new drugs on the market that offer results in a shorter period of time and better odds for recovery.  Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ teleprevir and Merck’s boceprevir are  the new drugs — pricey but clinical trials indicate they cut treatment times over what is currently on the market and they promise improved results.

Hopefully you do not personally need this information.  Remember the pharmaceutical companies and consider buying their stock.  Clearly they are leaders in this arena.

Do not be surprised if your doctor mentions it to you. And for information for anyone affected by the disease or for education and support contact the onnection.

This has been my public service announcement before lights off. I am telling you this because I want you to be forewarned. Do something or store the info until you need it for a friend or family member. Useful? Let me know in the comments below.


When Being Quiet is the Best Response: Whitney and Ramarley buried today


Scales: Photo Credit Flickr by VaXzine

I have been in the house alone most of the day with my dog Jinji. I exercised early and came back to watch the Whitney Houston funeral.

Whitney was not the only one buried today.  Eighteen year old Ramarley Graham was also was buried in the bogey-down Bronx. Graham, an unarmed kid was chased to his home by plainclothes detectives and then shot to death in his bathroom in front of his grandmother and six year old brother. The police broke the door down and entered without a warrant. Video exists to show the detective’s version of the truth is not the truth. No one from Bloomberg’s Police Department has yet to be charged. You can read more here at an article I wrote some days ago over on the website.

I was so caught up in the emotion of the service and what for me was a mother losing their child that I did not notice until late in the day that Whitney’s burial had overshadowed Ramarley’s burial. His mother was experiencing the same loss as Whitney’s mother. One life is not more important than another. No matter this teen’s crime and presently everyone seems to agree it is for purchasing marijuana, he did not deserve to die.

The melancholia of the day expressed itself as me feeling loss in my own family. All I wanted to do was be quiet.  We need our families to heal, to feel connected. They are our sunshine.

Tell me did you spend any time in front of the old telly?

Here’s the Best Reason to Edit Your Story.

Orange Flower- Credit: by mademoiselle louise


Yesterday I awakened to good news. I woke up. I am grateful for that. Then I read a blog post by Karen Walrond over at and learned I was the winner of the some super stuff like a camera, an Epiphanie Bag, a beautiful book inscribed by Karen.  Take a look at her site. She’s a pathfinder and a fantastic artist.  It made me feel like today was a lucky day.

My house was cleaned top to bottom today.  I continue taking steps to emulate aspects of the homes of a couple of friends whose environments are ordered in a way I find comforting and instructive for this period of my life. I need more order in my life in order to move to the next step. Order is necessary. Even for a creative.

I sat in my office today. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a very big deal for me. For the past 5 or 6 years I have been working all over my house but NOT in my office.   I also kept my promise to myself and walked today.  These are small things but they are my things. And that is the reason they are important.

I am starting a project called “Stuck in your Story.” Don’t these words evoke an ‘aha’ moment.    I can’t remember exactly what happened but I heard myself respond to someone with an explanation I have repeated for too long.  The image that popped into my head was a lab rat on a treadmill.  And I checked myself.  I paused to get the message and reminded myself to listen to what I I was saying. For I do not want to be stuck in my story.

Are you stuck in your story?  I am genuinely interested in knowing whether you’ve experienced this. Please leave me a thoughtful response in the comment section. Thank you.

Credit: by @optikalblitz


How to Break Free of your Patterns:Travel Notes

In the simplicity of daily life away from home my patterns release me. Â I thought that I’d share a few pictures just to give you a flavor for the atmosphere that allowed that to happen and involved bicycles, trams, water and walking.

Crossing one of the Canals

Crossing one of the Canals

These canals are all around Amsterdam. Â I don’t think that I quite understood that in previous trips. Â I entered the country from the south and not the sea. Â I spent most of my time centrally in the tourist area. Â I did not cross the canals every day. I just don’t think you can get a true flavor of the Dutch without getting this understanding that they live below sea level like the folks in New Orleans.

Even in this shot in Vondel Park, there is a riverway. I fell in love with this park. Â It is not as large as Central Park (I don’t think). Â I make this claim based on the time it took me to ride around it.

Then there are the bicycles. Â Bicycles made for one, two, three and even group riding. Â A mother would have a child on the back and front of her bicycle plus her hand on a 4 year old riding next to her.

This is the covered version. Â The little ones, say 3 years old ride a bicycle without any wheels. Â They sit and propel the bike with their feet. In this way they learn to balance.

Then there were a pair of shoes that caught my eye while walking around the Nine Streets Area. Â This shopping area brings back the small shop owner that seems to have disappeared in America. Â These shoes were in a window of a “pop up” store. Â There were there for a week. Â And true to what the woman told me, when I returned on a Monday, they were gone and a denim shop was there.

Trams and Buses. When I visited the Ijborg area in the eastern part of Amsterdam I took the tram. Â In truth I took the tram often. It was such an easy ride. Â You have a prepaid card which you swipe when you enter the tram. Upon leaving it is on you to swipe again. Your fare is based on how far you travel. Â If you fail to swipe on your departure, the machine calculates your ride to the end of that line the next time you enter. Â It’s a cute way of self-enforcing riders.

A little update is that I have been writing over at care2causes this past couple of weeks on topics such as the ACLU suing the Obama administration, the shooting of the unarmed Black teen by police, Aids workers kidnapped and sold to pirates, and a few other things leaning toward social good. Please take a look.

This blog will focus more on topics I believe in this year.  Shyness be gone. But my posts have lapsed as I have started to write over there and to work harder at building an audience. But I am putting boomerwizdom and you my readers first in 2012.

In closing here’s the link for a Seth Godin interview I listened to this morning for inspiration.  He described this as “The Weird Interview” and talked about how to be remarkable.  Much of what he said resounded for me. But the one takeaway I want to share  with you is “it’s never too late.”  What is happening now will last our entire lifetimes. Many of us are focused on what’s new and we have missed the last ten years of what’s now.  Think about it.

We are living in the connection revolution. This is the new thing. What do you think about that ? How is that manifesting itself in your life? Â Are you busy on Ebay or streaming live for national events. Please share.






A Chance to Win

Product Review

My kitchen smells of apple mango tango, but nothing is cooking.  The washer and dryer sit in the room next to the kitchen. I have a load of wash going and I am using Apple Mango Tango from Gain’s  latest “I Love Gain” collection of products.


Apple Mango Tango

In the past I have had favorites. But when frugality began its reign, I began buying whatever detergent was on sale that week.  My own version of the flavor of the week.  So while the $1.99 liquid detergent products are generally less than magnificent in terms of smell or cleaning power,  the way I would go around this deficit was to double the recommended amount to make up for the weakness of the product.  But this seems a large price to pay when there are other options, many of which offer better savings.

Gain’s newest products are running these great television ads featuring Wanda Sykes voice. Have you noticed? They include the Apple Mango Tango which I already mentioned, Floral Fusion giving you apples, cucumbers and mint; Island Fresh which is your tropical vacation (Trinidad & Tobago at Carnival); Lavender (thoughts of Sequim Lavender Festival); and the original Gain, cool and crisp green.

I have used both the original and the Lavender dishwashing liquid.  I can assure you that you only need a drop versus a teaspoon of the cheaper stuff.   I also used the liquid detergents and the dryer bars.



The forget-me-not dryer bars are the best thing since sliced bread. You stick one side of the bar to the inside drum of your dryer and not think about it for up to 3 months.  I live alone and indeed my dryer bar lasted 3 months. But if you have a larger family,  this timeframe may shrink with more frequent use of the dryer.

Besides the efficiency of the product and the resulting lower cost per wash since one simply does not need as much, the fragrances transport you away from humdrum city.  They put you in the mind of the Sequim Lavender Festival or Trinidad in the winter. Travelling vicariously, well it’s just the next best thing to being there.

You can have this experience too. I am writing this review after having received a free sample of the dryer bar and the liquid detergent.  I just want you to know however, free does not flavor this review I am sharing with you.  It’s all real and not exaggerated.

Try it for yourself.

1.  First add your comment below telling me on what basis you make your decision for buying cleaning products: cost or efficiency for an opportunity to win.

2.  Then pop over to http.// leave a comment so that I will know you were there and “like” that page for an extra opportunity to win.

I will do a random drawing on Valentine’s Day 12 noon EST time. Come back on Valentine’s Day to learn who are the winners and to give mailing instructions for receiving your product.

Two lucky winners will receive actual size samples. Please share. And thank you in advance.